Frequently Asked Quesitons

The Matterport Pro 3 camera creates a “digital twin” of your building by taking many 360 scans and “stitching” them together. This digital twin can be easily viewed or shared on your phone, laptop, or an Oculus VR headset.  Once we have created the digital twin, then we can start to get creative. We can edit you a guided walkthrough or add your media like a soundtrack, drone footage, pictures, thermal images, videos, text, or maps within the tour. 

What we do in this editing phase depends entirely on what you would like to achieve with your project. A virtual tour of a real estate listing might include things like a videos of the realtor welcoming guests or showing off highlights. A virtual tour of a boutique hotel might include video of nearby attractions, shots of the best views, or testimonials from happy guests. Each media package is uniquely crafted your specific goals. 

A larger industrial space or hotel might take several days to scan and several weeks to edit, while a large 3 bedroom home could be scanned in a morning and edited in a few days. The editing process will depend on the size and complexity of the requests, After your initial consult we will be able to provide you with a more precise timeline. 

Our packages start at $425 and go up depending on factors such as size 

A basic media package for a single family home starts at $425. The price of your project will be determined by square footage, layout, accessibility, location, and what you would like to achieve. Please contact us to schedule your free consult. Our pricing is all inclusive per project based on each clients individual needs. 

New ways to use this technology are being pioneered every day, but here are some fields where virtual tours have been proven to provide an edge over competition, fuel sales, and increase bookings:

Real Estate – Hotels – Restaurants – Bakeries –  Museums – Interior Design Portfolios – Artist Studios – Air B n Bs – Brick and Mortar Shops – Digital Commerce –  Historical Sites – Parks and Beaches – Artesian Workshops – Design Studios – Theaters – Education – Gardening and Horticulture  – Construction Projects – Insurance Claims – Roof or Solar Panel Inspections –

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